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About Nachtfrost Studios:

Nachtfrost Studios is an indie game development team founded by Kasper.
Guided by their core values of authenticity, immersion, and respect for Norse mythology, the studio is dedicated to crafting captivating storytelling experiences. With a talented team of four individuals, Nachtfrost Studios combines their expertise in art, storytelling, and game design to create “Skade,” a game that honors the essence of Nordic folklore and invites players on an unforgettable journey of vengeance and forgiveness.


In the fall of 2022, Nachtfrost Studios was founded by Kasper Gant, an experienced graphic designer with a strong passion for game development. After dedicating 15 years to the graphic design business, Kasper yearned for a change—a shift from working on other people’s projects to creating his own. His lifelong dream had always been to venture into the world of game development and bring his imaginative ideas to life. He had previously been headhunted for a job in Switzerland and now the rolling hills of Pfaffnau, Lucerne is the birthplace to Nachtfrost Studios and their first game.

With a wealth of industry experience and a deep understanding of visual aesthetics, Kasper possessed the necessary skills to embark on this new journey. Fueled by his unwavering determination and a burning desire to craft immersive gaming experiences, he set out to establish his own game development studio.

However, Kasper knew that turning his dream into a reality required more than just his own expertise. He sought like-minded individuals who shared his passion and could contribute valuable skills to the studio. And thus, the studio grew into a team of 4. Their collaboration brought together the best of art, storytelling, and technical prowess, setting the stage for Nachtfrost Studios to make its mark in the gaming industry.

The studio’s name, “Nachtfrost,” was carefully chosen to evoke a sense of mystery, enchantment, and the cold, tranquil beauty of the night. It symbolized the essence of their games—unforgettable adventures that transported players to imaginative worlds under the cover of darkness.


In the early stages of game development, “Skade” was nothing more than a small template-based 2D platformer. It began as a humble project, a way for Kasper, our lead developer, to learn the ropes of game development. The initial concept revolved around a forest spirit on a mission to return a moonstone to its rightful place in the sky.

However, as Kasper shared his progress with others, a suggestion arose: Why not infuse the game with the captivating world of Norse Mythology? Inspired by this idea, Kasper embarked on a journey to reimagine “Skade” with a new narrative inspired by the vast mythology of the Norse gods.

With a desire to avoid retelling stories that had been told countless times before, Kasper delved into the depths of Norse mythology to find a lesser-known deity to feature as the protagonist. And thus, the focus shifted to a giantess named Skade, a figure often overshadowed by more prominent gods and goddesses.

Yet, Skade’s story in traditional mythology primarily revolved around an unhappy marriage, lacking the dynamic and depth necessary for a captivating game. Determined to breathe life into Skade’s character and situation, the story for the game was rewritten. It became a tale of loss, grief, revenge, and ultimately, forgiveness, as Skade’s soul became burdened by the murder of her father at the hands of the gods.

During the early stages of development, Kasper reached out to the talented musician HELISIR, seeking permission to use a few of her songs for the game’s soundtrack. To everyone’s delight, HELISIR not only granted permission but also pledged to create the entire soundtrack for “Skade.” Her ethereal interpretations of ancient melodies became the soul of the game, transporting players into the wondrous world of Norse mythology.

And so, the project evolved and took shape, with a release date set to coincide with the winter solstice in December 2023. As the team at Nachtfrost Studios poured their hearts and souls into the development of “Skade,” they aimed to create an immersive experience that would captivate players, drawing them into a world of loss, discovery, and the pursuit of justice.


Fact Sheet

Nachtfrost Studios
Based in Pfaffnau, Switzerland

Founding Date:
November 1st, 2022


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Chottengass 12
6264 Pfaffnau